Clinical Stroke &
Imaging Research

Our Mission

Advancing stroke care through
innovations in neuroimaging research.


Clinical trials

Coordination of clinical stroke trials is a key mission of our group. This involves among others the WAKE-UP trial of MRI-guided thrombolysis in unknown onset stroke, and the TENSION trial of thrombectomy in patients with extended stroke lesions.

Brain Networks

We take a network perspective on the human brain in healthy aging and cerebrovascular diseases. Our key scientific interest is the understanding of network effects induced by localized lesions and how this relates to clinical impairment and recovery in stroke and cerebrovascular diseases.

Multiparametric MRI

We use multiparametric MRI to better understand the pathophysiology of cerebrovascular disease and to optimize acute stroke treatment. We aim at identifying novel treatment approaches guided by MRI, such as the DWI-FLAIR-mismatch concept to identify stroke patients with unknown time of symptom onset who are likely to benefit from intravenous thrombolysis.

Lesion-symptom inference

We apply innovative, multivariate approaches of lesion-symptom inference to elucidate the anatomical substrates of brain functions in health and disease, to predict functional outcome and guide treatment decisions in stroke patients.

Stroke rehabilitation

We study functional recovery of stroke patients and coordinate longitudinal observational studies to investigate determinates of stroke recovery.